Loke is a social platform, media hub, and gamified experience for skateboarders to connect with each other across an indomitable culture that has become the third-largest sport in North America, and one experiencing rife uptake across the world.

Since launching with our iOS and Android apps in New York City in June 2017, we've connected the worldwide community of skaters to build the largest skate spot map ever, with almost 23,000 user-contributed spots and parks, and an inclusive user-base of 68,000+ skaters across 104 countries (growing 25% / mo). We have recently introduced the ability to post videos and photos tagged skater, spot, and trick, making it the most specialized skate media platform in the market.

Our vision is to gamify the skateboarding experience – IS A PLATFORM FOR SKATERS. think Tony Hawk Pro Skater IRL - connecting 22 million skaters worldwide to session the best spots, meet their local community, post to-the-minute skate videos, engage with industry news, and enter endless challenges set by Loke and relevant skate brands. By doing so, Loke users accrue points and merits that unlock opportunities to engage with their favorite brands and pros, access exclusive content and merchandise, and ultimately get discovered.

For the skate industry (already $1.9 billion / yr & growing), Loke is on a path to become a marketing and challenge platform for brands big and small to engage their consumers in a highly targeted way, and the largest skate media company that will connect households with skateboarding culture and commerce the worldover, contributing to its industry worth.


Loke is based in NYC, an iconic stomping ground for skateboarding culture, and the second-largest skate market in the United States.

Our co-founders, Andrei Juradowitch and Terry Newman, have been avid skaters since the early 90s, deeply embedded in skate culture as teenagers on the beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Moving to NYC 10 years ago, their lack of familiarity with the local skate scene made it difficult to know where to skate and who with, ultimately spurring the idea of Loke – a platform to simplify how skaters connect, skate together, challenge each other, learn new tricks and share content.

Between them is over 30 years of combined experience in design, marketing, and technology, working as Directors for companies such as Quirky, VTS, and The Moving Picture Company on global brands like Sony, Samsung, Snapchat, Chevrolet, and Bose, just to name a few. We know skating and we know apps.

The Loke team comprises talented problem solvers by the way of designers, software engineers and film-makers, alongside numerous skater volunteers sourced from the Loke community.